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With diagnosis, the adjectives are just as important as the nouns

Chronic diseases of the kidney range from rare inherited disorders, such as Fabry disease, to more common acquired entities, such as diabetic kidney disease. ... Classifying kidney diseases on the basis of eGFR further ignores the complexities of renal
October 2019

Health: 1 measure to rule them all

We have long known that rates of chronic disease were rising in the U.S., and around much of the world. ... Far worse than just a rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, is the downward drift in average age of onset.
October 2019

Put patients in the driver's seat to steer toward better health

Engaging patients in managing their own chronic diseases can be the key to helping them achieve their goals and improve outcomes. ... Chicago internist Doriane Miller, MD, (left) works to engage patients as the primary caregivers for their own chronic
February 2008

Chewing the fat, again

in hyperendemic obesity and chronic disease, accompanied by massive food industry profits. ... David L. Katz, MD, FACP, MPH, FACPM, is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight management, and the prevention of chronic disease, and an
October 2019

Combating the terror of chronic disease, and vice versa

The hospital was all about people who mostly had serious chronic diseases that never needed to happen, and were never going away. ... So, too, is a medical model far more devoted to combating chronic diseases it knows how to prevent, than preventing them.
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--How much is enough? The cost of fighting cancer

Cancer and other chronic diseases cost more than infectious diseases and even AIDS, according to a report the society will present later this week. ... While chronic diseases are 60% of all deaths globally, they receive only 3% of private and public
October 2019

When wheat is to blame

When wheat is to blame. We've heard reports accusing the pharmaceutical industry of manufacturing and promoting diseases in order to boost drug sales, so called "disease mongering." Could it be
October 2019

Readable Rx labels: Clear but not compelling

That's what researchers hypothosized in a recent study that assessed the impact of Target pharmacies' easier-to-read labeling, introduced in 2005, on adherence to chronic medications.
October 2019

Genes, germs and girth

Consider that behaviors we control directly, as opposed to microbial colonies we may not, explain 80 percent of the variation in the risk for all major chronic diseases. ... The fixable causes of obesity and chronic disease are on prominent display, all
October 2019

Sugar, on a slippery slope

Finding effective ways to reduce ambient sugar intake is not only warranted, but rather urgent, as we confront epidemics of obesity, diabetes and associated chronic diseases. ... The root cause of most diabetes and much other chronic disease is obesity,
October 2019

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