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The drive to dismantle 'Obamacare'

The fuss over medical use of marijuana is a good example. ... Many legal drugs are incomparably more dangerous and addictive than marijuana.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Prescription opiates causing more treatment admissions

Five substance groups accounted for 96% of admissions: alcohol (42%), opiates (21%), marijuana (18%), cocaine (9%), and methamphetamine/amphetamines (6%), reported the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. ... Marijuana was either
August 2019

Of course food is addictive! Why is anything else?

Rimonabant is an endocannabinoid receptor blocker. Look carefully at that long and clumsy word, and you will see something resembling "cannabis" in the middle. ... In this context, the long debate about marijuana seems (and frankly is) downright silly.
August 2019

Headaches that should flag further attention

Starling advised.ā€œ Also elicit a history of any drug abuse, because marijuana and cocaine can be associated with RCVS,ā€ she said.
January 2018

QD: News Every Day--Jogging leads to longevity, but it's more like addiction

Dogs naturally produced cannabinoids, and the ferrets didn't. Physicians in the story reported addiction-like responses among their patients, including those who mentally fall apart when injuries force them to
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Less than 1% of anesthesiology residents had substance abuse disorders during training

Intravenous opioids were most common, followed by alcohol, marijuana or cocaine, anesthetics/hypnotics, and oral opioids.
August 2019

An internist with many interests

I'm giving a talk on the history of marijuana as treatment.ā€.
January 2015

Meningitis outbreaks strike two campuses

So we will shop for our organic free-range arugula and our locally-sourced fair-trade hemp sweater vests.
August 2019

Should doctors be 'political' in the office?

Iā€™m not referring here to fiscal policy or legalizing recreational marijuana use.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Post-election wrap-up from the primary-care perspective

legislative races to issues such as medical marijuana, assisted suicide and genetically modified food.
August 2019

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