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Medical News of the Obvious

Turns out marijuana use and reckless driving are related, according to Canadian researchers: "Our study found that men with self-reported DUIC (driving under the influence of cannabis) tend to be
May 2019

Ethics rounds

She smokes one pack per day of cigarettes and an occasional marijuana cigarette.
May 2019

Headaches that should flag further attention

Starling advised. “Also elicit a history of any drug abuse, because marijuana and cocaine can be associated with RCVS,” she said.
January 2018

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing

said. One question that commonly arises relates to cannabis use and whether such use is a contraindication to use of opioids. ... criteria for cannabis use disorder should probably not be placed on opioids chronically.
April 2015

Meningitis outbreaks strike two campuses

So we will shop for our organic free-range arugula and our locally-sourced fair-trade hemp sweater vests.
May 2019

Should doctors be 'political' in the office?

I’m not referring here to fiscal policy or legalizing recreational marijuana use.
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Post-election wrap-up from the primary-care perspective

legislative races to issues such as medical marijuana, assisted suicide and genetically modified food.
May 2019

Of course food is addictive! Why is anything else?

Rimonabant is an endocannabinoid receptor blocker. Look carefully at that long and clumsy word, and you will see something resembling "cannabis" in the middle. ... In this context, the long debate about marijuana seems (and frankly is) downright silly.
May 2019

What I would do if my foot caught fire

No, purple. Or, it would have to be a bucket made of hemp; or coconut fiber; or rawhide; or paper mache.
May 2019

Prescribing for opioid addiction meds, CNS suppressants

Marketing of the first medical mobile application to help treat substance use disorders.The Reset app is intended to be used with outpatient therapy to treat alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and stimulant
November 2017

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