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Medical News of the Obvious

Long-Term Cannabis Users May Have Structural Brain Abnormalities. ... The amygdala (fear and aggression) and hippocampus (emotion and memory) tended to be smaller with heavy cannabis users, the study found.
May 2019

Keeping up with cannabis

T he changing landscape around cannabis use can be dizzying, for both patients and physicians. ... What's more, patients who are ingesting, smoking, or inhaling marijuana or related products may not be telling their physicians about them.
April 2019

Who decides if medical marijuana is safe and effective?

Instead, our legislature passed House Bill 523, which will legalize medical marijuana use. ... Shouldn't those who champion medical marijuana use demand this level of independent scrutiny?
May 2019

How pot causes delusions

Let's take a look. "The youngest of my three daughters was born around the same time I became a card-carrying medical cannabis patient. ... Examining the results, he concluded that I would benefit enormously from a cannabis-based treatment regimen.".
May 2019

Saying yes—or no—to medical marijuana

A first look at issues that aren't cut-and-dried on the surface: when to prescribe medical marijuana, and when to prescribe statins. ... But for physicians approached by patients looking for “permission” to use marijuana, the answer isn't always a
November 2010

Election results

In Michigan, voters supported medical marijuana by a huge margin (63% to 37%) as well as approving the expansion of stem-cell research (allowing researchers to use embryos that were created
May 2019

‘Party drugs' require hard work to spot and treat

Abulseoud. Antipsychotics may also be necessary for some patients who've taken synthetic marijuana (also known as spice). ... Their efforts were unsuccessful but opened the door for other chemists to create synthetic marijuana.
June 2013

Treat addicted patients for the long-term

Marijuana dependency is also on the increase as a problem in the U.S., Dr. ... Today you can smoke a marijuana cigarette and it would be equal to smoking 26 cigarettes at Woodstock.
June 2009

An internist with many interests

I'm giving a talk on the history of marijuana as treatment.”.
January 2015

Letters to the Editor

Kerstin Froyd, ACP Member. Denver, Colo. Your article showed the obvious bias in the medical community against medical cannabis. ... Your use of the term “marijuana” rather than medical cannabis conjures back to the “Reefer Madness” era of the
January 2011

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