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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

The Awards Committee is pleased to announce that the Board of Regents has approved individuals and institutions to receive College awards and Masterships during the 2019 Internal Medicine Meeting.
November 2018

MGMA: Ill-advised session titles

And finally, this session wins our award for best visual image: "Help Your Physicians Wear Their Many Hats." Fedoras, bowlers, ski caps?
August 2020

A modern-day fairy tale for medical education

They were so moved they wanted to award her the precious "Glass Slipper" teaching award, which not only is bestowed with honor, but also a promotion to become a tenured educator
August 2020

How to make medicine safer

I give them full credit for this, although my parents must have had something to do with it, as in 7th-grade math I won an award for my “unique ability
August 2020

ACP Members push for change at Leadership Day

Boyle Award for Distinguished Public Service. Photo by James Tkatch. Jason M. ... Boyle Award for Distinguished Public Service. “A former prime minister of Australia told me, ‘I love your country; we in Australia love your country.
July 2018

QD: News Every Day--Physicians don't profit from tests, prescriptions

Jackson in the release. "They are personally financially liable for patient awards and they want to avoid the hassles of going to court.".
August 2020

Dietitians, food and truth: winds of change?

Why not? Would anyone take it seriously if the toothpaste-of-the-year award were conferred upon Crest, by Crest? ... 2. Nutrition deserves respect. If we would all roll our eyes at Charmin as judge and jury for the toilet-paper-of-the-year award, it's
August 2020

Digging for fun in the scientific program

Still, there are some awards to be distributed. Best pun: Shocking Developments in Resuscitation.
August 2020

The checklist and future culture of medicine

Or at least I'd overlooked the significance. Fortunately I had the opportunity to hear Pronovost, a still-youngish professor at Johns Hopkins and recent MacArthur award recipient, speak at last
August 2020

How dieticians can save the world

Kathleen was fresh from her speech, earlier the same day, as this year's recipient of the Academy's prestigious Lenna Frances Cooper Award.
August 2020

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