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How ‘seeing’ a patient has changed

Similarly, not all appointments can take place via telemedicine, such as physical therapy, treatments for allergy and asthma, cancer treatments, immunizations, a general physical exam, and many more diagnostic or therapeutic
October 2020

Flu me once

We can overshoot in our zeal to banish potential infectious agents, and the result may be other ills, from allergies, to asthma, to serious autoimmune diseases.
July 2021

Debate ignites over safety of e-cigarettes

Inhaling propylene glycol or other chemicals could impede lung function, which could lead to an asthma attack, chronic bronchitis or cancer, Dr.
March 2014

When wheat is to blame

Diarrhea, abdominal pain, worsening of atopic dermatitis (an allergic skin rash), and asthma are common clinical manifestations. ... threatening. Other rare manifestations of wheat allergy are "Baker's asthma," bronchial constriction triggered by the
July 2021

QD: News Every Day: Believing in placebos?

Meanwhile, according to the authors of the New England Journal of Medicine study, clinicians perhaps shouldn't stake too much faith on asthma patients' self-reports of improvement. ... be interpreted with caution and that objective outcomes should be
July 2021

Probiotics actually work

can reduce atopic eczema and asthma in children, and. • can improve atopic dermatitis in adults.
July 2021

Being a good doctor by working around prescription costs

This particular article describes a most troubling problem, the ridiculous cost of asthma inhalers. ... Nebulizer machines are much less expensive than a single inhaler, and then we can prescribe generic asthma medication solutions to use with the
July 2021

Shame on you, New England Journal of Medicine

Taking the asthma study as an example, simply enrolling people in the study and doing nothing else caused them to feel a bit better. ... The current object of my ire is an editorial published in the Journal to accompany the asthma study.
July 2021

Overachievers on a plane

There is a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, an IV and some fluid, some IV glucose for hypoglycemic patients, an asthma inhaler, some non-aspirin pain reliever and some actual aspirin
July 2021

QD: News Every Day--Vaccines cause few health problems

QD: News Every Day--Vaccines cause few health problems. Vaccines cause few health problems, and autism, type 1 diabetes, Bell's palsy or exacerbated asthma have no association to vaccines, concluded ... Flu shots do not cause Bell's palsy or exacerbate
July 2021

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