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How small adjustments via telemedicine can make a difference

If I had any doubts about managing the anticoagulation therapy, I instantly could pull up one of many algorithms built into our electronic medical record (EMR) that are managed by our
April 2020

Finally! Physician performance measurement questioned in the NEJM

Yet because these characteristics are difficult to quantify accurately and routinely, PQRS measures for surgeons instead include adherence to guidelines for antibiotic and anticoagulation prophylaxis.
April 2020

A Hippocratic Oath for the holidays

In those days the oral anticoagulant Coumadin was in wide use for conditions we now treat with injected Heparain, and it required daily monitoring of blood clotting, so there were many
April 2020

Pros, cons of prolonged anticoagulation after a clot

But she also expressed her concern about the risks of long-term anticoagulation. ... That span of anticoagulation carries significant financial cost, said Dr. Carman, who offered the estimate of 60 years.
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Brand-name drug requests lead to less compliance, more costs

7), thyroid medications (OR 16.5), estrogens (OR 3.6), anticonvulsants (OR 4.8), anticoagulants (OR 4.5), and analgesics (OR 4.5) (all P<.001).
April 2020

Naturopathic medicine and the answer to the challenge

He could be sent to the hospital for slowing of his heart rate and anticoagulation to prevent stroke, and to make sure he hasn’t had a recent heart attack.
April 2020

Managing pain in primary care: moving beyond the rock and the hard place

Similar to an anticoagulation clinic (for the management of patients on warfarin) the pain clinic would take over pain management, including the prescribing of medications, and provide a systematic approach, allowing
April 2020

Expert gives advice on perioperative medication management

Much confusion remains about perioperative management of anticoagulants, even though the drugs have been available for several years. ... Cohn. Urgent cases, for example, hip fracture patients, may have a little more time for reversing anticoagulation
June 2014

Thoughts for interns and residents

8. Respect Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy. Many of the adverse events and near misses with patients involve some combination of these drugs, along with drug-drug interactions that prolong INRs, etc.
April 2020

Five things to help good doctors stay good as they grow older

I asked my age-matched colleague the other day: "Do you think we'll know when it happens to us?" He responded: "I know. I worry about that, ...
April 2020

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