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Cardiac care critical for diabetic patients

Berman, FACP, chief of cardiac imaging and nuclear cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. ... I caution what this test does not do,” said cardiologist Helene Glassberg, MD, assistant professor medicine and cardiology at the University of
July 2009

So very special(ist)

Berger (me) is thinking of. He takes "limited" to mean "within a given subspecialty"--he does GI, not neurology or cardiology.
June 2020

Taking chocolate to heart

It's beginning to look like chocolate, especially dark chocolate, really and truly is a heart healthy snack, though only if it's consumed in...
June 2020

All the pretty hospitals

That's because internal medicine has no space there (I mean internal medicine as a primary field; cardiology and gastroenterology certainly do).
June 2020

Un-maligning the ER

Should the patient be on a specialty service (e.g. cardiology, GI, or oncology), with a hospitalist (a trained internist who mostly sees only hospitalized patients) or a generalist (an internist
June 2020

Once Upon A Time

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am very frustrated with a system that increases cost dramatically and yet reduces what I get paid. The rest of the money is...
June 2020


He served as president of the American Society of Internal Medicine from 1982 to 1983 and was a pioneer in cardiology through his research on the lifesaving benefits of daily aspirin ... After a partial recovery, Dr. Malach became chief of cardiology at
November 2018


After completing specialty training in cardiology, he joined the Lincoln Clinic, where he practiced internal medicine and cardiology until 1991.
July 2011

Managing medications in patients with heart failure

Page II, PharmD, MSPH, professor and clinical specialist in the division of cardiology at the University of Colorado Denver and chair of the AHA scientific committee that wrote the recent statement. ... A recently released trial, published in JAMA
February 2017

Internal Medicine 2014 tackles medical errors, EHRs, and more

Another story provides some perspective on the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association guideline on blood cholesterol.
June 2014

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